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How to use Xender Download Facebook Video

As everyone knows xender is used outside send videos, photos, files etc. 

But there are people who Those who do not know the use of xender, For example, watch a celebratory Dora video or something else your friends or a group and you want to download this video then there is a way to download this video without his knowledge.

 Of course xender is used to download videos by you See it on Facebook and you want to download it inside your phone. 

How to download these videos including:-

 1. First Copy the video link you want download on your phone. 

2. Then Login to your xender app and look below where social is written below, See the picture below 

1. Go to the place where social media is written and it will show In your box, the past link is written, then go ahead insert the link of the video you copied, from here on the side you will see past & download Then touch here. 

He will download this video for you have to open the data and load it video and the amount of data they will collect.

 2. Then go to the file manager or my gallery your phone will see the video. 

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