Hello everyone Today we are going to show you how to remove security on your phone Android when you forget the security that you have on it,

 Many people are facing such problems Install security but later forget about it Who before the return of the phone used to make them lose a lot in losing some of their important things that they have saved on the phone First steps It is when you forget the security of your phone You have to put security until it is too much and they tell you "Try again in 30 seconds" If she does that for you, 

Click to write security will not be pressed So at this time you have to look at the bottom to write security on your phone you will see Forgot Password Then you click on it and you will see it show you what to do Your email login you will enter your email address with Your password You will put your email on the phone for someone else Dora's email address is different from yours on Dora's phone After completing the login of your email, 

You will go to the previous page SING IN is written on the side and you click sign in Click on it and your phone will be unlocked She will show you the UNLOCK SECTION and she will write it for you list of security colors for your phone 






Then choose the one you want to put in if you don't want to If you don't want to re-enter the security, 

You have to choose None Then complete the unlock of your phone easily NOTE:- This method is available in some Android's and then It's not working on some Android phones, most of them are running on the old version meaning old phones But that is also the case with recent phones But when you have a fingerprint on it, 

You can see where it is You can use your phone without having to use your fingerprint Even if you forget the code or pattern of your phone But normally he is using me on the phone And the guarantee is even better than pattern security

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