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If this is the question in your mind, I will provide you with a complete answer. 

I know you have a problem with love of money, forgiveness is not only you, but everyone has it in their blood. 

Google AdSense works with US dollars, because their source is in the US, and every time the amount of money you earn exceeds one hundred dollars, that is $100, Google will send you the money in the next month. 

fill up one hundred and twenty five dollars 135 on the date of the month of September then I will not get my money this month until the next month that is the first of October they will transfer my money to my bank they must be here in Nigeria no matter what country you are in in this world, they will send you a blessing; but some banks will convert it to your country's currency, like here in Nigeria, if the money is sent to the bank, the bank itself will convert it to our country's currency, that is naira, but this is not an obligation, it just depends on how you open the account. 

If it is only Nigeria, then only the country's money will go in, but if it is the world as a whole, like some people who have bills, you will open it, then there is the confidence that the money will remain in the form of dollars and you can withdraw anytime anywhere. 

Effective ways to send money from Google AdSense Cheque: Google will convert your money from US dollars to your country's currency, which they will send you with a check to your home, even if you are in a village, but this rental is only valid in 40 countries around the world. 

But this method also has some problems with it, some of them include that you can send a check before your bank will provide you with your money, it will take a long time and you will hear the truth with your body every day.

I am going from here to there from the top to the bottom. I mean there is air supply. 

I don't know if it broke yesterday. But if you are a person who wants to be known as my friend (he wants all the people in his neighborhood to know that he is not a small person, 

even foreigners even the Google company knows about him) then this is the way. 

It is suitable for you but let me tell you something, God did not stop this friend of mine, a secret to him,  

Electronic Transfer: this is the other and better way that the Google company will send you your money through a transfer to your bank without having to suffer any trouble or strain yourself anywhere in the world.


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