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Our post today is How to Charge Android Phone to 100% in Short Time

Charging an Android phone is something that has become a profitable business for some young people in this country, especially if you look at how the lack of electricity is common in the country. 

How to charge an Android phone in a short time is very important, that's why has investigated so that the community can get more insight into how to charge it.

 First of all, if you are going to charge your phone, it is good to pay attention to the following things: If the phone has 15% or less left, then before charging the phone, turn it off completely. 

The phone can be placed in a mode called (Flight Mode), the meaning of this mode will be to stop everything on your phone from the Wi-Fi service and all other applications that are in the phone. 

This method mentioned is number one, that is to turn off the phone completely, because many people do not understand that when the phone is on and charged, it takes a long time before it is fully charged to 100%, where some people buy a new one.

 Charger to get the Charge early and actually it's not the charger's fault. 

Also, the users of the power bank will also follow the same method mentioned above because the users of the power bank are working with the phone so it does not have to be 100% charged because the phone is The charge also goes as a result of the work you do with it.

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