Welcome to this great website of ours, MiniBlog.com.ng Today we bring you the things that kill the phone battery big or small; that is Android or Keyboard. Six (6)

Part (1) THINGS THAT DESTROY YOUR PHONE BATTERY LEAVE THE CHARGE TOO LOW Letting the phone charge down until it shows a red sign means the phone's battery is dead. Sometimes it also affects the energy or acceleration of the phone. It is good for the phone battery to be charged as the human stomach needs food and water. 

Part (2) UNKNOWN CHARGE TIME It is good for every phone user to know the best conditions and times to charge it. For example, when it's hot, the phone faces problems, because the heat causes it to charge quickly. Therefore, it is better to charge it in the morning or at night, when the temperature is lower. Or charge it in a cool place, this will help prevent the battery from dying. 

Part (3) LEAVE THE PHONE COVER (COVER) WHEN CHARGING The phone heats up when it is connected to the charger. 

Therefore, it is better if the charge is made to remove its clothes to help release the heat. But if the shirt is on her body, it prevents the heat from coming out properly and the heat on the battery, sometimes it even kills it. 

Part (4) OVER CHARGE In many cases, phone users charge at night, and allow it to exceed its desired value. In other words, the phone will charge in two to three hours, then it should be allowed to charge for eight hours. This quickly drains the phone's battery.

Part (5) INVALID CHARGER The use of high-quality chargers has an effect on the charging capacity of the phone's battery. In some cases, the poor quality of the charger is the reason for not holding the phone charge. 

Part (6) DIFFERENTIAL CHARGES Phones often come with a variety of charging ports, although some may look like one. Not using the right charger to charge the phone often helps to kill the phone's battery. These are some of the things that kill the phone's battery.

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