How To Delete Message on WhatsApp If You Mistake Sent It

Hello brothers and sisters, please forgive us for this, and welcome to meet you again in our new program, which is coming directly from the MiniBlog, God willing, today we will learn how to delete a message that is sent by mistake even if it reaches the who was sent to. 

In the past few days, the WhatsApp company has managed to release a method that will help people who use the communication platform to delete the message they sent by mistake even if it reaches the intended recipient. 

This method is known as "Delete for everyone" which means "delete for everyone" and it works on every phone as long as it succeeds in taking WhatsApp. 
You can delete a message that you sent by mistake to someone or to a group. 

It should be understood that this is my only work on the WhatsApp dating platform.

For example, I send a mperson to a friend, but the meaning is not complete due to some mistakes that I made while writing quickly. 

You click on the text that has been sent to other rooms. 

It will appear for you/you with some options to enter which appears above the name or number of the person.

After deleting the message, press this button that looks like a trash can "Delete button" which is the fourth in the list of things that appear. 

It will be written "Delete for me" which means "delete for myself" the use of this button is if you click on the message you sent or sent it will disappear not only you but the person who sent it or you / push him to see unless he also clicks, then the second one is "Cancel" this key is to cancel what you have chosen as long as you press this it will return you to the previous page without doing any work. 

Then the last one which is the purpose of this lesson which is "Delete for everyone" is this button if you press it then whatever you pushed will disappear meaning you and the person you push all of you will not see his eyes and he will go to it

Sometimes he doesn't appear there, he changes his residence, if you don't see him where I mentioned, then click on the last button that has three dots on the body and you will see "Delete" written on it, then click on it. 

Finish it

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