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How to open gmail on Your phone.

 Every day, new technological ideas are created by experts in different parts of the world. 

In this age where we find ourselves, where all the information we need can be found on the Internet, the Internet is growing more than How do we think when we look at sending a message in the old days before you send a message to someone you have to pay someone to deliver it or you go yourself but now with the advent of the internet you can send a message to a person in a few seconds and at a price that is not Don't be fooled, in our current times if you want to send a message on the text page it is good to have something called "Gmail". 

And there are many things that cannot be taken advantage of without Gmail. 

For example, from school registration, job search, registration on a website to get direct information, or registration on social media, nothing can be done today without Gmail. 

You or your android phone needs Gmail to work properly. 

In short, not having Gmail for a person in this era is a terrible accident. 

But surprisingly, many in peoples have not yet embraced this opportunity that the internet has brought to us. 

Those who have Gmail have already forgotten their password because they don't use it. 

This is why we have been left behind and our progress is slow compared to the progress of the rest of the world. 
It's time to change that.

Then the use of Gmail came and made his other friends far away. 

For example, if you have Gmail, you can save all your photos, videos and music online so that they will never be lost forever. 

After that, your gmail needs to register on Youtube and get access to the Google play store of your Android phone to download the application, etc. 

That's why I decided to show you how to open Email and Gmail. 

As long as you understand this, you can open it for any company: 

Steps 1

Open your browser through OPera mini, UC browser or Chrome or FireFox and write www.gmail.com in the text box like this

You can visit this page below. you will see where it is written "create new account" as the bug shows and click on it.

Step 2

 From here it will take you to a page where you will be asked for your phone number, then make sure that the person you are using does not leave the number close to you because it will be sent a direct message.


You will be asked to fill out a form before you go ahead and do it by entering the required information exactly like this  

Where 'First Name' is written, write your full name. 
Where 'last name' is written, write your father's name and go down to where 'Date of Birth' is writtewn and select the month of your birth and then the day of your birth and the year of your birth by writing them with a number If you don't know the date no birth, you can write no matter what. 

But the age should be the same. If the age is not known, just estimate it for example. Next is 'Gender', if you are male then select 'Male' and if you are female then select 'Female' then click on 'Next'


It will take you to a page where you will be instructed to select 'Username' and write your password, whatever you write here will be your Gmail. 

For example, if you write musaboy, your Gmail address will be musaboy@gmail.com, then press the "Select" button.
Make sure that it is not possible for anyone to be confused with him. If that happens, you should choose someone else or by adding some numbers before or after him, for example miniblog110@gmail.com. 

A person should really use his name. completely or roughly. If your name is already taken, you will see that they give you the option to take the name with numbers added at the end.


If you find one that works, after you click on the 'select' button, you will be taken to a page where you will be instructed to enter a security code, that is "password", then do that and repeat what you entered first in the second box. Where "Confirm Your Password" is written here, choose a good password that will not be easily forgotten. 

Make sure it is something that can be remembered all night long. then click where it says "Finish".

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